November 30, 2010


                Ahhh Christmas colors: red and green, gold and silver, white and anything that shimmers...
               Red and blue? Absolutely. And while I probably won’t be sporting this look at school, I would definitely wear it to a holiday party, or perhaps NYE (especially with a LBD).

         Eyes: MAC Eye Shadow in Freshwater
Lips: MAC Lip Gloss in Russian Red
Cheeks: MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Peachtwist
Mascara: Diorshow by Dior in Black

Earrings: Kate Spade

Navy Top: Gap

November 28, 2010


              ...The rest of my purchases...

Earrings & Christmas Bow Ring: Kate Spade ($15 & $20) 
Gold loafers: Cole Haan ($45)
Leopard heels: Nine West ($35)
Dress: BCBG Max Azria ($35)



                I consider myself a major shopper, having been told many times that I have a “problem”. But for the past few months I had put my shopping habit aside, holding out for Black Friday in Seattle. The Thursday night my mom and I arrived, we took a short nap at the hotel in order to get up at 1:00am Friday and shop until 6:00pm. We literally shopped till we dropped. I often have that dream of finding things on sale, and then I get to the register and they are more on sale, and luckily the last pair they have is in my size. One could say that this past weekend, my shopping dream had come true...
                Here is the first half of my purchases...

Plaid shirt: Gap Outlet ($10)
Navy cotton sweater: Tommy Hilfiger ($25)
Black hooded sweater (with sequins although hard to see): Forever21 ($15)

       Stay tuned for more....

November 25, 2010



                This weekend, my mom and I will be venturing down south to Seattle and its neighbouring areas for Black Friday, also known as the Canadian Boxing Day equivalent but on a much larger scale. I have yet to shop in the states for Black Friday, but my mom is a professional. Phrases I have never heard of in the shopping world plague my dreams every night leading up to our mini holiday: compounding coupons... shopping beginning at midnight... specified hours of sales... To calm my quickly-growing excitement, my mom has emailed me a few pointers I should take note:

1.       Don't forget to pack your passport.
2.       Wear a tank top underneath so you can try on a top right in the store if the change rooms are too crazy.
3.       Also, wear comfortable easy on/off shoes.
4.       Scout the outlet store websites before for coupons. (She says, “I usually print, cut and put them in an envelope (in alphabetical order)”. Such a mom thing to do.)

Tights: American Apparel
Tank: Hollister
Sweater: Esprit
Necklace: made by me

November 23, 2010


                     As the chilly temperatures set in around Vancouver, we look to knits and sweaters and leggings to keep warm. I have lived in Vancouver all my life, yet most of my wardrobe is made up of summer clothes (silly me). Mini-skirts, sheer blouses, sleeveless dresses and jean shorts: as cute as they all may be, none of this is appropriate for the weather we are currently experiencing. Depressing to pack away all those adorable yet skimpy outfits, I found one solution to incorporate a little bit of summer into this year’s winter. For school today, I layered a sheer summer dress on top of a long-sleeve shirt and tights. Combined with wool socks and ankle boots, I was incredibly warm without looking too bulky. So hold on to your summer clothes - you don’t have to move them to the back of your closet after all.

Black dress: wilfred from aritzia
Gray shirt: h&m
Navy tights: joe fresh
Wool socks: roots
Boots: aldo
Coat: h&m

November 21, 2010


One of the best surprises to be had is being offered free tickets to a Vancouver Canucks game. I have been a dedicated fan since I was young. Etched in my mind are memories of hockey - my childhood neighbourhood boasting Canucks flags on every house during the '94 Stanley Cup run, my friends and I racing to the highest seats of GM place when our brothers got the chance to practice there when I was just ten years old, and my ex-boyfriend sporting a painted jersey courtesy of moi a few years back. I was even photographed at a hockey game because of my outfit - a navy skirt, a white top, and perfect green heels depicting Canucks colors - and then featured in a promoting brochure the team sent to every ticket holder.

Without a doubt, I can definitely say that hockey has played a major role in my life. So when I am offered tickets to a game, I will gladly drop everything and go. Although the Canucks did not put forth their best efforts last night, I am completely devoted, will stay until time runs out no matter what the score, and will always have that little bit of hope that maybe just maybe we might come back from seven-nothing deficit.

Because it was the first game of the season for me, I had to make something special to wear. On my recent trip to Dressew on W. Hastings in Gastown, I purchased black sparkly material necessary for a specific idea I had in my head. Voilà the long-sleeve scoop-back shirt I made for the evening. Perhaps not Canucks colors, but it was definitely appropriate for some holiday season glitter.

November 18, 2010


After tumbling down the stairs at school yesterday, a little voice popped into my head saying, “that’ll teach you to wear heels to school”. True story: A pile of books in one hand, oversized purse and lunch in the other, I nonchalantly strutted down the steps to my classroom only to realize one heel had snagged on the rubber mats they put on the steps to prevent you from tripping, and I was hurtling forward to my most ironic death. To quote my own blog: I can see the headline now: “teacher breaks leg, trips over student’s desk while wearing 5” high heels”. Ha. (totally jinxed myself) At what point during what seemed like forever sliding down steps bruising knees, shins, and the tops of my feet did I realize that perhaps my enthusiasm for fashion should not overrule practicality? Thankfully amid the fall, my arm shot up instinctively and grabbed hold of the railing, halting my near fatality. Fortunately, I was an hour early for work, and thus no one saw my tragic experience. Having someone see my books go flying and my coffee spill all over my jacket - that would definitely not be fashionable. Will this teacher ever learn?

Minnetonka beaded moccasins

Marc Jacobs black lace-ups

Michael Kors wooden heel + Faryl Robin hunter green suede heel

Aldo wooden heels

Sam Edelman gray suede boots


Minnetonka brown suede moccasins

If I was only allowed one pair of shoes, these would be my choice, hands down



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