August 19, 2011


Time for a change. This blog needed a bit more focus and without realizing it, teacher stuff was starting to creep into all my posts anyway... Just felt right to switch gears and write about my career rather than what I do for fun, which is kinda the same thing just now with little kids running around everywhere...

August 17, 2011


Dress: Banana Republic, Hair pin: H&M, Leaf: Ikea

This huge leaf, sooo necessary for my classroom.

August 16, 2011


Shirt: Garage, Necklace: Lucky Brand Jeans

Got this fringe necklace for four bucks in New York, a little bit ridiculous and out-of-the-ordinary, I like that. The blue ring from the Czech Republic (my mom always tries to find me unique jewelry from places she travels to) and one Aztec-inspired nail that took me forty minutes to paint... which is why only one got done... Have always liked things that go against the grain, just a wee bit different than everyone else. Out-of-the-ordinary style meets career path, spent all day shopping yesterday for my classroom this coming year, which will obviously be decorated a little out-of-the-ordinary, six- & seven-year-old style...

Pencil holder: Ikea (plant pot)
Smelly stickers: Collins Education Store
Plastic bowls: Ikea
Trenta reusable cup: Starbucks

August 15, 2011


Shirt: Joe Fresh, Skirt: Talula, Bag: Kate Spade

Being a lil inspired by this, was out all day yesterday being touristy in Vancouver for a change. Feelin lucky to be able to walk along Robson then down to Gastown then up through Chinatown and over to Yaletown in one afternoon. Leopard-print loafers seemed the best option for my little voyage, paired with an outfit of stripes (didn't realize I was wearing that many). Really into simple jewelry these days too, silver rings and a gold necklace and random bracelets go with everything.
School starts in three weeks, first project with my grade ones and twos is a travel project. Been collecting maps from many places I've been to this summer (even one from Vancouver today, how touristy is that), they'll all be pinned up in a huge collage in the classroom. Then we're gonna add photos or ticket stubs or postcards or whatever treasures each kid collected on his/her holidays and add more and more to the collage. Maybe I'll stick push-pins with each kid's name on them to the places they've been. Doesn't have to be somewhere crazy, they could have visited Stanley Park or Granville Island, every place that is new is pretty darn cool when you're young, and Vancouver is a great city to start with...

Loafers: Forever21, Rings: Stella & Dot, Necklace: street vendor in NYC, Bracelets: vintage, Nail polish: American Apparel
Paris maps: The Cross (Yaletown)

August 14, 2011


Shoes: Steve Madden, Nail polish: American Apparel

Dinner last night at my folks' place and pictures with the cats, they can't even leave me alone for a couple of shots. I know you can get these here in Vancouver, but the fact that I bought them in New York just makes them extra special to me. Was so so excited to finally get the neon nail polishes from American Apparel in my newly-returned luggage, such perfect shades for summer. New York shoes too, sparkly gold with huge bows I couldn't resist, although they are the most painful shoes ever worn. Haven't quite figured out what to do with them yet, have received blisters on six toes already....
I'm gonna say this once, that sometimes I think I'm an elitist shopper and I avoid certain stores because I think I'm too good for them. Which is the dumbest thing to think because you just never know where you'll find a good deal. This super-light cropped hoodie I found at Garage in Toronto for dirt cheap, so great for summer. But the store is aimed towards thirteen-year-olds, so I had to buy it in an extra large, and it probably wouldn't be cropped on a thirteen-year-old, but I think it kinda works better that way...

August 13, 2011


From one camping trip to the next, didn't even unpack my bags, which explains the same black dress over and over. Spent long days lying on the dock in Osoyoos, literally did nothing and wouldn't have had it any other way. In the best company with three friends and one canine, hours of suntanning and wine touring and throwing the boomerang for that dog about a million times. Made my way to Skaha Lake for one night, the view from my tent breathtaking at sunset. Also been wearing this sparkly shirt pretty much every day since coming home from New York, all my other travel purchases in my lost luggage, which was, amazingly, waiting for me with my concierge when I got home Friday night...

Bikinis: Old Navy
Black dress: Urban Outfitters, Shades: Ray Ban
Sparkly shirt: Gap, Shorts: Lululemon

August 8, 2011


Dress: Urban Outfitters, Sandals: Michael Kors, Shades: Ray Ban

My folks have been going to the same camping spot for twenty-nine years, so I've been going ever since I was born. Each time I go I feel like a kid again. The lake, the golf course, the crib games, the barbequed meals, always the same familiarities I love about that place. Things I'll never grow out of doing, like buying a ridiculous amount of candy from the candy store, and eating Lunchables and mini cereals, and Italian sodas and ice cream, and fireworks and the Saturday market, and watching sunsets and counting stars...


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