August 14, 2011


Shoes: Steve Madden, Nail polish: American Apparel

Dinner last night at my folks' place and pictures with the cats, they can't even leave me alone for a couple of shots. I know you can get these here in Vancouver, but the fact that I bought them in New York just makes them extra special to me. Was so so excited to finally get the neon nail polishes from American Apparel in my newly-returned luggage, such perfect shades for summer. New York shoes too, sparkly gold with huge bows I couldn't resist, although they are the most painful shoes ever worn. Haven't quite figured out what to do with them yet, have received blisters on six toes already....
I'm gonna say this once, that sometimes I think I'm an elitist shopper and I avoid certain stores because I think I'm too good for them. Which is the dumbest thing to think because you just never know where you'll find a good deal. This super-light cropped hoodie I found at Garage in Toronto for dirt cheap, so great for summer. But the store is aimed towards thirteen-year-olds, so I had to buy it in an extra large, and it probably wouldn't be cropped on a thirteen-year-old, but I think it kinda works better that way...

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  1. I am just getting over my elitist shopping attitude too... you really do never know when you'll find a great deal BUT when I do go in Garage I feel way too old to be there and I imagine the teeny bopping shoppers thinking, "What is that old lady doing in here?" haha and who wants to feel like that when shopping for clothes?
    Also, loving that nail polish color! I have Neon Red but now want to try the green :)



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