August 13, 2011


From one camping trip to the next, didn't even unpack my bags, which explains the same black dress over and over. Spent long days lying on the dock in Osoyoos, literally did nothing and wouldn't have had it any other way. In the best company with three friends and one canine, hours of suntanning and wine touring and throwing the boomerang for that dog about a million times. Made my way to Skaha Lake for one night, the view from my tent breathtaking at sunset. Also been wearing this sparkly shirt pretty much every day since coming home from New York, all my other travel purchases in my lost luggage, which was, amazingly, waiting for me with my concierge when I got home Friday night...

Bikinis: Old Navy
Black dress: Urban Outfitters, Shades: Ray Ban
Sparkly shirt: Gap, Shorts: Lululemon

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