November 18, 2010


After tumbling down the stairs at school yesterday, a little voice popped into my head saying, “that’ll teach you to wear heels to school”. True story: A pile of books in one hand, oversized purse and lunch in the other, I nonchalantly strutted down the steps to my classroom only to realize one heel had snagged on the rubber mats they put on the steps to prevent you from tripping, and I was hurtling forward to my most ironic death. To quote my own blog: I can see the headline now: “teacher breaks leg, trips over student’s desk while wearing 5” high heels”. Ha. (totally jinxed myself) At what point during what seemed like forever sliding down steps bruising knees, shins, and the tops of my feet did I realize that perhaps my enthusiasm for fashion should not overrule practicality? Thankfully amid the fall, my arm shot up instinctively and grabbed hold of the railing, halting my near fatality. Fortunately, I was an hour early for work, and thus no one saw my tragic experience. Having someone see my books go flying and my coffee spill all over my jacket - that would definitely not be fashionable. Will this teacher ever learn?

Minnetonka beaded moccasins

Marc Jacobs black lace-ups

Michael Kors wooden heel + Faryl Robin hunter green suede heel

Aldo wooden heels

Sam Edelman gray suede boots


Minnetonka brown suede moccasins

If I was only allowed one pair of shoes, these would be my choice, hands down


1 comment:

  1. hi there, i'm Jayde and i saw your blog via alicia fashionista:0
    i really like the marc jacobs lace up!:)
    oohh by the way, i'm doing an lbd's no biggie..i'd be very happy if you'd hop in:)



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