November 21, 2010


One of the best surprises to be had is being offered free tickets to a Vancouver Canucks game. I have been a dedicated fan since I was young. Etched in my mind are memories of hockey - my childhood neighbourhood boasting Canucks flags on every house during the '94 Stanley Cup run, my friends and I racing to the highest seats of GM place when our brothers got the chance to practice there when I was just ten years old, and my ex-boyfriend sporting a painted jersey courtesy of moi a few years back. I was even photographed at a hockey game because of my outfit - a navy skirt, a white top, and perfect green heels depicting Canucks colors - and then featured in a promoting brochure the team sent to every ticket holder.

Without a doubt, I can definitely say that hockey has played a major role in my life. So when I am offered tickets to a game, I will gladly drop everything and go. Although the Canucks did not put forth their best efforts last night, I am completely devoted, will stay until time runs out no matter what the score, and will always have that little bit of hope that maybe just maybe we might come back from seven-nothing deficit.

Because it was the first game of the season for me, I had to make something special to wear. On my recent trip to Dressew on W. Hastings in Gastown, I purchased black sparkly material necessary for a specific idea I had in my head. Voilà the long-sleeve scoop-back shirt I made for the evening. Perhaps not Canucks colors, but it was definitely appropriate for some holiday season glitter.

1 comment:

  1. That shrit is Holiday perfection, can't believe you made it!! So cool you were featured in that Canucks campaign too :)



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