November 17, 2010


                I have a major crush on a particular something. I’m always on the look-out, always got my keen eye trained for any opportunity. It is a definite obsession, something I unconsciously look for whenever I go shopping.  As much as I love to get a new dress, buy a fantastic swimsuit, or find amazing shoes (on sale!), I am deeply in love with one item specifically: leaves. Not just any leaves, but gold-tinted, pearl-embellished, beautifully-bronzed leaves. I am such a sucker. One look and I’m completely head over heels. Who says a girl can’t buy herself jewelry? A peek at my collection so far...

Abolone earrings: Salt Spring Island
Gold leaf earrings: Blue Ruby
Gold leaf earrings (long): Aldo

Gold bracelet: vintage

Gold leafy necklace: from Violette Veldour in Victoria, BC


Brooches from my grandma

Ring: Aldo

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