November 25, 2010



                This weekend, my mom and I will be venturing down south to Seattle and its neighbouring areas for Black Friday, also known as the Canadian Boxing Day equivalent but on a much larger scale. I have yet to shop in the states for Black Friday, but my mom is a professional. Phrases I have never heard of in the shopping world plague my dreams every night leading up to our mini holiday: compounding coupons... shopping beginning at midnight... specified hours of sales... To calm my quickly-growing excitement, my mom has emailed me a few pointers I should take note:

1.       Don't forget to pack your passport.
2.       Wear a tank top underneath so you can try on a top right in the store if the change rooms are too crazy.
3.       Also, wear comfortable easy on/off shoes.
4.       Scout the outlet store websites before for coupons. (She says, “I usually print, cut and put them in an envelope (in alphabetical order)”. Such a mom thing to do.)

Tights: American Apparel
Tank: Hollister
Sweater: Esprit
Necklace: made by me

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