June 8, 2011

LEÇON 1: how to support your team without always wearing a jersey

Canucks are in the playoffs, there is a game every other night, but I just can't bring myself to wear a jersey each time we play. I think it goes against my fashion rule to not wear the same thing every day (sorry Vancouver..). But, if you're like me - a true fan at heart and never a bandwagoner - then you have to have another option to show your support other than donning a team uniform.
Fortunate are we to have blue and green as our colors (imagine having black and orange for Philly, or teal for San Jose?). They totally work together, in whatever shades you find. In fact, it's better to mix your shades, monochromatic outfits are sooo in right now. Not a fan of face painting? Mac's eye shadow in Freshwater is the perfect shade of electric blue to accent your look.

Jean Jacket: Gap, Blue Top: American Eagle, Olive Skirt: Talula, Blue Shoes: Camper

 Add a few bits of tasteful Canucks paraphernalia, like Johnny Canuck and Linden's #16..

After the game tonight, a few guys decided to chirp me on the corner. "Nice blue shoes gurl," "No man, they're magenta," "Nice magenta shoes gurl. Where you goin magenta shoes?" "Looks like magenta shoes is ignoring us boys. Now magenta shoes is walkin away boys."
Leçon pour des garçons: get your colours right if you're gonna yap at me!


  1. Blue would have been correct, shouldn't have second-guessed themselves, haha... silly boys.

  2. Great look, your shoes are so awesome, I love the colour :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  3. Love the vibrant sandals, they're a lovely burst of color!

    Haha I'm not going to lie, I'm not a DIE HARD Canucks fan. I like to keep track of games in any way I can, I'll watch bits and pieces here and there, and of course I want them to win. But since winning tickets to a game last year, and this whole play off thing, I think I may have actually become a real fan. I spent hours reading articles about the games, and even about each and every player on the team. It's getting out of contorl!

    Plus, I love all things Canadian. What better way to support Canada (and well, Vancouver too) than having a Canadian team take home the cup! Gooo Canucks! :)




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