June 9, 2011


Sweater: French Connection, Slip: Club Monaco

Definitely warming up in Vancouver, so I'll take whatever chance I can get to wear this oversized sweater I recently got. Have been buying things a few sizes bigger than what I am, just for the sake of that casual grab-whatever-is-laying-around look, almost like I've stolen my boyfriends' clothes. Actually think it might be a perfect camping sweater, easy to throw over a long dress or a swimsuit. Should be paired with boots at some point too...

Earrings: Kate Spade, Watch: Fossil, Bracelets: Blue Ruby, vintage, and made by me

Just have to share what happened in class today with my grade ones. My kids write almost every day (writing and reading are a big deal in grade one), usually about a story they've just read. One student came to me with her entry: "All the dacks were at the pond. Mama dack and Dad dack and baby dack, met all the other dacks. Mama dack and baby dack got food, and went back to Dad dack. Mama dack and baby dack were eating their food with the other dacks." I read this back to her, to see if she'd catch her mistake. Ended up with us laughing hysterically, along with the rest of the students who were listening in. The remainder of the day resulted in "dack" jokes. Sounded to me like they all had funny Southern accents. Awesome.

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