December 21, 2010


              The constant battle of my wardrobe always argues the recurring question: dress to be comfortable? or dress to be stylish? How many times have I gone out and realized I am wearing inappropriate shoes for an occasion, cursing my lack of sensible judgement while opting for heels instead of flats? Countless. How many times have I needed to buy new shoes while out somewhere to save my feet from intensifying pain? Numerous. (My shoe collection gradually increases due to this problem.) When do I choose suitable, wearable items that trump fashionable? Almost never. But alas my day has come to choose something practical. Behold - the perfect slouchy sweatpants I found while shopping for Christmas presents for my family (anyone else have trouble NOT buying things for yourself while shopping for others?). I have been looking for pants like these for a long time, and finally, Joe Fresh has come to my non-functional-clothing rescue. The dedicated Sex and the City fan I am, I stole the look from Carrie Bradshaw who sported sweats with heels years ago. Naturally I paired my own sweats with lovely maroon two-inch heels while out on the town with my family during the day. Yes, call me a martyr with this outfit, but it's just so adorable. Which I guess is the thinking that gets me into trouble in the first place... Looks like stylish wins again...

*I can’t get enough of my Kate Spade bow ring, I’ve worn it every day for the past two weeks!

Sweatpants: Joe Fresh
Yellow T-shirt: Club Monaco
Black zip-up: Champion
Fur&Sequined hooded jacket: Forever21
Heels: Pierre Michel
Earrings & Bow Ring: Kate Spade
Diamond ring: Club Monaco

1 comment:

  1. Those sweatpants look sooo comfy. I've seen them around but sizes run out fast. I need to get myself a pair!




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