December 19, 2010


                  I have a feeling the next week will be lacking in posts due to the holiday vacation, but here is just a baby one. Today was family brunch we attend every year with my dad's sister's family, although this year was much more exciting than usual. My cousin's adorable baby boy, now eight months old, kept us highly entertained. I come from a small family, so it is very special to have a new addition. And although in the past I have not been much into babies, this little one and I get along quite well. He constantly smiles, (especially at the ladies in the family), wears Canucks slippers, and seems to find some item of jewelry I am wearing to be interested in (today he was mesmerized by my Kate Spade bow ring). He is pretty much my dream baby. Now the familial peculiarities that occur when we get together with this side of the family - continuous references or direct quotes from Seinfeld or South Park, lengthy discussions on hockey stats, so many obvious jokes missed or misheard - will be passed on to another generation. Gotta love tradition.

With my brother, my mom, my dad, and the new baby

Navy pants / Striped shirt / Chiffon blazer: Club Monaco
Scarf: from Brazil
Purse: H&M
Bow ring / Earrings: Kate Spade
Nail Polish: Sally Hansen in Emerald City

    Happy Holidays everyone!

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