January 10, 2011


                It is hard to believe that we can even be thinking about warm weather when snow is in our Vancouver forecast, but recently released Spring/Summer 2011 collections make the beach-appropriate fashions hard to ignore.  My mindset is still stuck in scarves, gloves, and toques, but I cannot help to look at outfits that demand sunshine in order to be worn. Upon a recent trip to Seattle, I visited (and always visit) one of my favourite stores, ALL SAINTS. Although most S/S 2011 collections this year are bright and colourful, ALL SAINTS maintains an edgy look. Dark, grungy, yet super feminine, I am praying for this store to come across the border sometime soon...


  1. I LOVE All Saints. Except when I was living in England, I always had to buy off eBay because I couldn't afford their regular prices. Their leather bags, dresses and shoes are to DIE for! And any man who wears clothes from here suddenly becomes hot or extra hot!

  2. I have yet to check out the All Saints in DT Seattle. Actually, I have yet to shop since my shopping ban. I like the first item because I wear lots of dresses and I love pockets in dresses/skirt. I'd have to do some major hemming though!

    Just discovered your blog and I'm adding you to my BC blogroll.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  3. I will never be tall enough to pull off any of those looks, but I love them all none the less!



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