December 31, 2010


         I have only been a blogger for a mere four months, but I thought I would share with you some of my best moments from this past year. Here is a peek into my life pre-FashionByNight (and a bit post- as well).

The Olympic Torch came to New Westminster

Partying Dutch style, at the Holland House 

My family at Molson Hockey House, for my dad's birthday, on Valentine's Day, the day Canada won its' first gold medal

My brother (Felix Cartal) dj'ing during the Olympics

Attending an Olympic curling match

My birthday, on the last day of Olympics, when Canada won the Olympic Gold Medal in hockey

My new apartment

Attending the John Mayer concert in Vancouver

Mod-podge crafts with my grade three's for Father's Day 

Hiking Mount Seymour with my parents

Hiking The Chief

Running the Scotiabank Half Marathon

Visiting Spain with my family

Blogging about fashion

Attending Vancouver Fashion Week 

Happy New Year!

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