November 4, 2010


          There may be a certain stereotype about fashion shows. The designs are too 'out-there' to actually wear, the fashions are not accessible to the general public... but I heartily beg to differ. Last night was my first ever runway show, and I felt incredibly lucky. Not only am I able to attend every show, but I sit front row, in perfect view of the models and designers and all things fashion (an actual dream come true). And although I'm there to analyze and scrutinize the fashions being shown, I couldn't help think, "I could definitely see myself wearing that". This was not just some random thought; this was a constant voice inside my head saying, "look at that dress! I want it! I want that one too! Love those colours! I want everyyything...". My full articles with professional photos will be available at, but here's some quick snippets courtesy of my phone.

Gorgeous silk nighttime gowns by Patricia Fieldwalker

Playful colours and sparkles from Michel Tudour

Fabulous models strutting down the runway

A title I've never held: MEDIA at VFW

       My little Moleskine notebook keeping tabs on everything! You can take me out of the classroom, but you can't take the teacher out of me. If you want constant updates, I'll be tweeting my face off every night, complete with more phone photos and petits remarks.

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  1. nice notes ;) just started following your blog, nice job. I walked the valerio moda show last wed night. keep the info coming, nice to be informed on our local fashion scene



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