October 29, 2010


         While effortlessly browsing Holt Renfrew one day, I stumbled upon a new line of theirs, One Teaspoon. At first glance, I was immediately attracted to the glitzy embellishments – studs on sweaters, lace on blouses, sequins on dresses... I tried on an oversized knit sweater in charcoal, and I felt like I was swimming in luxury, literally. The sleeves were double the size of my arms and the hem came down past my knees. But I love the idea of oversized clothes because you don’t have to worry about whether or not the items fit your form perfectly. I often buy sweaters or shirts in x-large to wear them as layering pieces or faux-dresses, plus they’re just so comfy.  Knit sweaters, silk blouses, and even a few fanciful fur items complete One Teaspoon’s fall line you’ll see in Holt Renfrew now, but here’s a taste of what Summer 2010 was all about, fittingly titled Pleasure and Pain.
           When I’m sorting through many wardrobe options, the perfect playlist is a must while finding the perfect outfit. May I suggest a group you listen to while you browse One Teaspoon’s amazing pieces? The xx, a fairly-recent band out of London, England, is currently on replay at my place, specifically tracks “Crystalised” and “Islands”. Maybe it's not my place to be telling you what music to listen to, but before I was a French teacher I was a music teacher, so listen up. The heck with finding the perfect outfit - I listen to The xx all the time. I even YouTubed them during my lunch hour at school because I needed to listen to them. Look them up, you won't regret it.                          


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