July 16, 2011


Full moon tonight over Québec City. You know when there's just a weird feeling in the air? Felt like that all day today, like we were in some kinda twilight zone. Rented a car to drive to the waterslides a half hour from the college. The waterslides were fun, like being ten years old again without a care in the world, but the drive was not fun at all, like I was driving for my life. I'll never complain about Vancouver traffic again. Tailgaters, cutter-off'ers, highway merge lanes that aren't lanes at all... It's like you gotta have a fifth sense when driving to anticipate that someone is actually going to hit you. I don't know how we didn't get in an accident. Besides all that, pictures of the Basilique de Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré (I love all the mosaic details...), La Chute Montmorency (waterfalls), a traditional Québecois meal covered in maple syrup, and the garbage aftermath of the Metallica concert at the Festival d'été...

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