May 3, 2011


Jeans: Gap, Shirt: Zoa, Jacket: Lucky Brand, Bag: Coach, Earrings: handmade

May is here, summer is almost. Two months of school left and I am already packing for trips that are planned. Camping, Sasquatch, Quebec City, Toronto, and New York.. all within reaching distance. I feel like if I start packing for them now, they will get here faster...
Have needed new jeans for a while, and then found them in the form of flares surprisingly. They're really long though, so I always have to wear heels with them. Which, obviously, is totally fine with me.


  1. I'm SO jealous you're going to Sasquatch! I was the only one out of my friends with money to buy tix and then they sold out. I had the time booked off and everything for my birthday weekend. Still a point of contention every time I am reminded of it. Have fun!

  2. aw darn! next time you should just buy a ticket no matter what! did you get tickets to the squamish festival in august? i'm going to that as well! perhaps see you there? :)



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