February 23, 2011


           Already into my preemptive Spring cleaning, I avoid time after time the boxes hidden around my apartment: under my bed, stacked on the highest shelf in my closet, and some a permanent fixture as plant holders (don't worry, those are the nice-looking Ikea boxes). In them are many, many pieces of clothing I made years ago that I can't bear to part with. Some are quite ridiculous, some I think I'll recycle the material for other things. Some I just love. Like this lil number, resembling a towel wrapped around my body, and feeling like it too. I remember making this dress when I was in university, the idea I stole from a Max Mara magazine ad. It is literally just folds of material pleated and tucked, with an attempted bubble hem, and pockets. Ok little dress, you got me. You can have a hanger.

   I couldn't just show you the good ones, so here are some bad things I have made. Oh dear...

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