November 9, 2010


Not quite back to normal after VFW2010, but getting there. My meal schedule has definitely improved from espresso for dinner to something that includes meat and vegetables. My sleep pattern is improving with the aid of a 4:30pm nap each day. Hopefully by this weekend I'll be back in full swing of my regular life. As for teaching, somehow fashion keeps sneaking into my lessons. Today, for example, during my grade eleven French class we studied the effects of publicity. Obviously, I could not help but include some sort of fashion publicity, the most recent offense or gimmick I could think of being Chanel's Yeti Suits in which I was humorously exposed to through My grade elevens and I had quite the discussion on the reality and the obscurity of such an outfit, et en français naturellement. I only wish I’d had the youtube video of Joe Zee walking through the park on a warm, sunny day, but I did try to do my best impression of it for them.
Another way fashion keeps sneaking into my teacher life? Today I wore heels to school, something I do not do often. After six consecutive days of wearing pumps and stilettos at VFW2010, my brain has somehow tricked me into thinking I’m a professional at strutting around in them. I can see the headline now: “teacher breaks leg, trips over student’s desk while wearing 5” high heels”. Ha.

* These shoes were not worn to school!
Shoes: Michael Kors
Pants: Gap

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