October 16, 2010


            Friday rolls around and I get that liberating feeling, you know the one, where you realize it is the weekend and you have time to do whatever you want. I love to waste my time wandering the streets and shops of Vancouver on a sunny Friday evening, and that is exactly what I did. My newest purchase: dress pants from Club Monaco in oatmeal, on sale! But dress pants are not just for the office, or the principal’s office. Here are three ways dress pants make a classy statement:
1.       Classic: dressed for work – dress pants worn with Club Monaco blouse and low burgundy heels from Shoe Warehouse
2.       Casual: dressed down for a weekend day – dress pants worn with Gap zip-up hoodie, knitted scarf, and Aldo embellished flats
3.       Sexy: dressed up for the night – dress pants worn with navy Hollister tank top and red peep-toe heels from Aldo

I had to hem these pants because they were way too long for my 5’3” stature, but I hemmed them a bit shorter than I normally would in order to show off all my shoes.

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