September 26, 2010


               Although for me September undoubtedly signifies the beginning of a new school year, it also means that I get to pull out all those great sweaters and leggings and boots that have been hiding during the summer. The art of layering: mismatching comfy articles of clothing without ever looking “bulky”. It is a bit of a fashion conundrum, yet a task that I always take to diligently. Living in downtown Vancouver affords me the luxury of being able to shop whenever I feel like it, which contrarily means I’m usually a very poor teacher. Nevertheless, to the streets I went today with my admittedly more stylish shopping companion, my brother. We were on the hunt for a specific fall item, a layering necessity, a comfy must: wool socks. And so you’re thinking, “who on earth goes shopping with their brother for socks? Who is this girl? Who is this guy?” But, my brother and I are two of a kind in that we can easily shop together and give honest opinions to each other. Plus, socks are a neutral item, genderless and necessary to all. The great thing about wool socks is that they work for men and women in terms of layering: men to wear bunched over jeans with Dr. Marten’s or some sort of ankle boot, and women to wear with a mini-skirt or over leggings underneath knee-high boots. I’ll admit that when my brother messaged me to say he wanted to shop for socks, I was more than willing to use that excuse to browse the stores. Since my paycheques have only recently started coming in again since my summer break, socks are a simple indulgence that I can afford, enough to subdue my shopping obsession for the time being.  
            September also means the inevitable streak of rainy days, and although I can bear the rain to shop during the afternoon, tonight will be spent making worksheets for grade three science class and coming up with more varied and less dangerous grade four gym activities than Dodgeball. As the weekend comes to an end, a new week begins. Teacher by day...

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